Internship in Digital Marketing

Job Title : Internship in Digital Marketing

Division : Digital Marketing

What is my role ?

A renowned digital marketing firm in Kerala since 2005, Websight Design Solutions is currently recruiting interns to help it grow its workforce.

Freshers can apply. We’ll give preference to those who have completed SEO or digital marketing courses.

The ability to communicate in English and superior verbal and oral English proficiency are requirements for candidates.

All interns who successfully finish their internships will be hired as employees of our company, or we will provide them with support so they can work for one of our clients that is actively seeking interns in digital marketing.

A stipend will be given to those who show they have expertise in digital marketing. Some candidates may begin without a stipend and switch to it once they have acquired the necessary abilities to be a valuable candidate for the organization’s position in digital marketing. We shall request that everyone who is unfamiliar with all of the fundamentals of digital marketing attend our training session for no charge.

The internship typically lasts for six months. As they start producing and contributing to the job, the interns will start receiving the stipend. Free training will be provided.

Before the internship period is through, candidates that exhibit good internet marketing abilities might be hired on as full-time workers.

Contract length: 6 months


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