marketing budget 2023

Innovative suggestions for 2023 marketing budget

Invest in video marketing: Many people are using video marketing since it works so well to draw in customers. A portion of your budget might be used to produce high-caliber video content, such as brand storytelling, explainer videos, and product demos.

Utilize augmented reality: As augmented reality technology becomes more widely used and more reasonably priced, it becomes a popular choice for companies searching for novel ways to connect their customers. Consider creating an augmented reality (AR) campaign that enables people to interact with your goods or brand in an immersive manner.

Focus on micro-influencers: Despite the fact that the idea of influencer marketing is not new, the use of micro-influencers is becoming more popular. They are those who have more devoted audiences while having smaller followings and who can promote in a more specialised way. To connect with a more specialised audience, take into account collaborating with relevant micro-influencers in your sector.

Invest in chatbots: A cost-effective approach to offer 24/7 customer assistance, boost interaction on your website or social media platforms, and give chatbots are growing more intelligent. If you want to increase consumer engagement and experience, think about investing in a chatbot.

Use AI for personalization: Based on user information and behaviour, artificial intelligence can be used to tailor marketing communications and experiences. Think about making an investment in platforms and tools with AI-powered personalization for your consumers’ offers and messages.

Experiment with virtual events: Consider experimenting with virtual events to reach a wider audience and provide your customers a distinctive experience as more events shift online. These occasions might involve virtual reality adventures, product debuts, or seminars.

Focus on sustainability: Customers are paying more attention to how their purchases affect the environment. Think about making investments in environmentally friendly procedures and marketing initiatives that emphasise your business’ dedication to sustainability. These can include things like carbon offset plans and eco-friendly packaging.

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